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Putin says ‘Western managers put an ethnic Jew in charge of Ukraine’ to mask its ‘anti-human nature’

Source: Meduza

Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Russian propagandist Pavel Zarubin on Tuesday that “Western managers put an ethnic Jew in charge of Ukraine” in order to “cover up the anti-human nature” of modern Ukraine.

“This makes for an extremely disgusting situation in which an ethnic Jew is covering up the glorification of Nazism and of those who led the Holocaust in Ukraine, which brought the destruction of millions of people,” said the Russian president. “Ordinary citizens of Israel understand this better than anyone. Take a look at what they’re saying on the Internet.”

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry representative Oleg Nikolenko later commented on Putin’s statements, writing on Facebook:

Putin’s chronic fixation on the Ukrainian president’s ethnic background is another manifestation of the anti-Semitism that’s deeply rooted among the Russian elites. We call on the world to strongly condemn the Russian president’s anti-Semitic comments. In the modern world, there should be no place for hatred on ethnic grounds.

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