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Head of Ukraine’s Security Service details how agency carried out Crimean Bridge explosion in October 2022

Source: Meduza

In an interview with the The New Voice of Ukraine, the head of Ukraine’s Security Service Vasyl Malyuk detailed how Ukrainian intelligence organized the explosion on the Crimean Bridge in October 2022.

Malyuk said that him and two of his trusted employees were personally responsible for developing and implementing the plan. The head of Ukraine’s Security Service also reported that they originally considered various options for the operation, including using the railroad portion of the bridge. However, they settled on using a truck full of explosives.

Ukraine’s Security Service decided to cover the explosives in cellophane film so that scanners wouldn’t be able to detect them. There were large rolls of film that looked “completely like civilian cargo,” writes The New Voice of Ukraine. The rolls filled an entire container. The total weight of the explosive materials was equivalent to 21 tons of TNT.

Malyuk didn’t disclose details about how exactly the explosive materials reached the bridge, but he did say that the operation was carried out exclusively by Ukraine’s Special Service. He added that the agency deactivated Russian electromagnetic warfare systems, which are used to jam GPS sensors. This allowed the truck to be blown up in the middle of the bridge.

“We passed through the seven circles of hell, we used so many people without their knowledge. Russia ‘locked up’ 22 people, put them in prison. Incriminated them all for being complicit in an act of terrorism. Though in reality they were going about their usual business. These were your average Russian smugglers,” explained the head of Ukraine’s Special Service.

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