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Residents of village in occupied Kherson region to stop receiving insulin unless they obtain Russian passport

Source: Meduza

Alexander Dudka, the Russian-appointed head of the village of Lazurne in the annexed part of the Kherson region, said that village residents without Russian passports will not be given medicine “purchased from the Russian budget.” This was reported by the Telegram channel Sirena.

“First of all, this concerns those who need insulin, who already feel what it means to be a citizen of a different country. This will also affect the distribution of humanitarian aid,” said Dudka in a video posted on August 10.

Dudka also criticized those villagers whose children stopped attending school after Russian troops captured Lazurne.

“These parents will be brought to administrative liability, and then criminal [liability]. And then we will put them on buses, take them to the front lines, and send them to Ukrainian schools, where you will study. If you have such disdain for the Russian language, then go study in your native language,” he said.

The channel Sirena notes that this isn’t the first time Dudka has made such threats. In June 2023, he promised that in two or three weeks, those who did not have Russian passports would not be able to receive humanitarian aid, find a job, or receive a pension.

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