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Head of Russia’s Interior Ministry reports ‘critical’ personnel shortage

Source: Meduza

Russia’s Interior Ministry is experiencing a “critical” personnel shortage, Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said at an agency meeting on Thursday.

The shortage of personnel is a very large one. I would go as far as to say that it’s critical. We’ve had 5,000 employees resign from internal affairs agencies in the last month. It’s a difficult situation.

The ministry’s agencies, Kolokoltsev said, “must do everything they can to minimize these risks.”

As of January 1, 2023, Russia’s Interior Ministry was legally mandated to have more than 922,000 employees, according to a decree by Vladimir Putin. Its staff size is supposed to increase by 12,000 people in 2024 and by another 4,000 people in 2025.

The ratio of police officers to citizens in Russia is among the highest in the world.

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