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Russian government finalizes mobilization summons form, including list of items to bring and warning about failing to appear

Source: Meduza

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree Wednesday to finalize the government’s official summons form for mobilization, according to the parliament’s official weekly, Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

The new form differs from the one used for regular mandatory military service in that it references Vladimir Putin’s mobilization order and indicates the specific date and time when the draftee is to report to an army assembly point.

On the back of the summons, which was published along with Mishustin’s decree, is a list of documents and items that draftees should bring with them when reporting for service, including “toiletries” and “food for one day.” The form also notes that draftees will “be held responsible in accordance with Russian law” if they fail to respond to their summons.

According to the decree, an electronic version of the summons will also appear on draftees’ accounts on the government’s public services portal, Gosuslugi, when they’re called up.

Journalist Farida Rustamova noted that while Russia’s mobilization drive has been ongoing since September 2022, the government was previously using the same form used for regular mandatory service because a separate mobilization form did not exist.

Rustamova also noted that the forms do not include the word “partial,” despite the Russian authorities’ insistence that the mobilization campaign is not a full one.

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