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Chuvash Republic prosecutor dies while swimming across Volga

Source: Meduza

Prosecutor of the Chuvash Republic Andrey Fomin died on July 1 at the age of 57, reports the Russian Prosecutor General’s press service.

Press service of the Chuvash Republic prosecutor

According to Telegram channels Baza and Mash, Fomin drowned while swimming across the Volga river, at Chebswim an event in the city Cheboksary. Fomin became ill at a distance of 2,200 meters and apparently could not swim the 150 meters to the bank. Rescuers retrieved Fomin’s body, but could not save him.

The Chuvash Republic’s press service confirmed to Russian state broadcaster RBC that Fomin had died while swimming across the Volga. Andrey Fomin worked for the prosecutor’s office since 1991. In June 2020, he was appointed the prosecutor of the Chuvash Republic.

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