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Russia’s Foreign Ministry says conditions for peace include Ukraine recognizing ‘new territorial realities’ and Russian as state language

Source: Meduza

Russia’s deputy foreign minister Mikhail Galuzin outlined Moscow’s conditions for peace in an interview with TASS, a state news agency.

The deputy minister said that, first, Ukraine must stop hostilities and Western countries must stop supplying weapons to Ukraine. Galuzin also said that in order to achieve a “comprehensive, just and lasting peace,” Ukraine must adopt neutral, non-bloc status, and recognize “new territorial realities, caused by the realization of the right of people to self-determination.”

Galuzin added that Ukraine must refuse to join the EU and NATO, and protect the rights of Russian-speaking citizens and minorities: “Russian must be recognized as a state language at the legislative level.”

Russia had not previously demanded that Ukraine not join the EU or that it make Russian a state language. In June 2022, Russian president Vladimir Putin said that Moscow was not against Ukraine joining the EU, “because it is not a military organization, a military-political bloc, such as NATO.”

The Ukrainian leadership said the war would only end after Russian troops withdraw from Ukrainian territory.

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