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Russian Telegram channels report armed incursion from Ukraine into Belgorod region

Source: Meduza

An armed group tried to enter Russia’s Belgorod region from Ukraine, report Telegram channels Baza, Mash, and Shot.

According to Baza, on May 19 a group armed with assault rifles, machine guns, grenades launchers, and sniper rifles traded fire with Russian border guards. Mash notes that the group consisted of more than 15 people. 

The incident allegedly took place in the village of Krasny Khutor, which is located less than a kilometer (about half a mile) from the Russia–Ukraine border. Border guards repelled the attack, according to all three Telegram channels. Shot reports that four of the attackers were injured, while Mash says the number is between five and ten. There were no reports of injuries on the Russian side.

The Belgorod operational headquarters, however, reported that “information about an attempt by AFU saboteurs to breach the border is not true.” They noted that on May 19, “Russia’s Armed Forces carried out their work as planned” at the border, without providing details.

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