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Ukrainian General Staff reports that more than 200,000 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine

Source: Meduza

Ukraine’s General Staff reported Wednesday morning that 610 Russian soldiers had been killed over the previous 24-hour period, bringing the total number of Russian troops who have died in Ukraine since Moscow’s full-scale invasion to 200,590.

According to the Ukrainian military, since February 24 of last year, Ukrainian forces have destroyed a total of 3,771 Russian tanks, 7,365 armored vehicles, 3,166 artillery systems, 318 air defense systems, 308 planes, 294 helicopters, 2,748 drones, 982 cruise missiles, 18 sea vessels, 6,067 automobiles, and 417 pieces of special equipment.

The Ukrainian authorities have not disclosed data on their own military losses.

The Russian Defense Ministry last reported its own losses in Ukraine on September 21, 2022, when it said that 5,937 Russian soldiers had died in the war.

Journalists from the outlets Mediazona and BBC News Russian have worked with a team of volunteers to conduct an independent count of military casualties in Ukraine. According to their estimate, more than 22,600 Russian soldiers have died since the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Because this calculation is based only on public reports of soldiers’ deaths, however, the true number of losses is likely significantly higher.

Meduza cannot immediately verify these claims/statements.
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