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More than 20 Russian cities have canceled Victory Day parades

Source: Meduza

At least 21 Russian cities have canceled their May 9 Victory Day parades, according to the independent outlet Verstka.

Officials in some cities, including Kaluga, Ryazan, Oryol, Saratov, Lipetsk, Yelets, and Tyumen cited “security concerns” as the reason for foregoing the celebrations.

Authorities in Pskov and Velikiye Luki also mentioned concern for “special military operation participants” as a reason to cancel the cities’ parades. Pskov Governor Mikhail Vedernikov, for instance, said that veterans undergoing rehabilitation “perceive [fireworks] in a completely different way.” Officials in Kursk announced the city’s parade would be canceled “in light of the current situation.”

Authorities in Bryansk, Krasnodar, and Sochi didn’t provide explanations for their cancellations.

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