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Moscow woman who bakes cakes with anti-war messages charged with ‘discrediting’ Russian army

Source: Meduza

Anastasia Chernysheva, a Moscow baker who makes cakes with anti-war messages on them, has been charged with a misdemeanor offense for allegedly “discrediting” the Russian army, the independent outlet OVD-Info reported on Friday, citing Chernysheva’s lawyer, Yulia Yevdokimova.

According to Yevdokimova, officers came to Chernysheva’s home before taking to a police station, where they filed the charges.

The official reason for the write-up is unclear, but OVD-Info noted that police might have been responding to a recent Instagram post in which Chernysheva shared a photo of a cake that contained anti-war writing.

One of Chernysheva's recent posts
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