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Armed Forces of Ukraine shell a locomotive depot in occupied Melitopol

Source: Interfax

Six people were wounded in a strike by Ukraine’s Armed Forces on annexed Melitopol, reports Interfax, citing the Russian-appointed administration. Emergency services of the annexed part of Zaporizhzhia say that residential buildings and a gas line were damaged in the strike.

On the morning of April 2, Ukraine’s Armed Forces struck Melitopol’s locomotive depot with a HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system. Air defense systems shot down six out of seven rockets, says Vladimir Rogov, the occupying authorities’ representative. Rogov adds that a three-story building was damaged, in addition to the depot.

Ukrainian media outlet RIA Melitopol reports that the strike hit the depot’s central shop, which holds locomotives used to transport ammunition and military equipment. The strike also damaged the electrical substation that powers the railway line and the depot. The power is out in parts of Melitopol.

Ivan Fedorov, the Ukrainian mayor of Melitopol noted that this was the third strike on a railway depot this week.

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