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Dima Nova, synth-pop artist behind Cream Soda, dead after falling through ice on Volga

Source: Meduza

During a night walk over the springtime ice on the Volga River, music producer Dmitry Svirgunov (best known as Dima Nova, one of the artists behind the popular synth-pop group Cream Soda) fell through the ice crust, together with four friends.

The tragic incident occurred in the village of Dievo-Gorodishche, in Russia’s Yaroslavl region.

The 35-year old musician, his 25-year-old brother Roman Svirgunov, and their 28-year-old friend Georgy Kiselev were all drawn under the ice by the powerful current, and were considered missing. Although two other people had been rescued, one of them died later, in the ambulance.

Update: Dmitry Svirgunov’s body has been recovered and identified.

Svirgunov started Cream Soda in 2012, together with his fellow producer Ilya Gadayev. The group has released four studio albums, as well as collaborations with popular music artists like Feduk, Alyona Sviridova, Antokha MC, Alexander Gudkov, and the bands Khleb and Loud.

Cream Soda - Volga (Official Video)
Cream Soda

Cream Soda has confirmed the incident on the social media.

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