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Maria Pevchikh, head of Navalny team’s investigative unit, taken off Moscow State University’s website

Source: Meduza

Moscow State University’s (MGU) website no longer includes any mention of Maria Pevchikh. The journalist and chief of investigations for Alexey Navalny’s team studied in the university’s sociology department.

Pevchikh posted about the disappearance on Twitter, writing “my alma mater has refused me.”

The university’s website used to host a page from 2010 congratulating Pevchikh, who was then a student, on being selected as head of the Russian national delegation of the 2010 G8 Youth Forum.

Pevchikh did not speculate about why the page was removed from the MGU website. On February 6, she gave an interview to Russian journalist Yury Dud about her work for Navalny’s foundation, among other things. The interview lasted nearly four hours and had been viewed over 6 million times by February 7.

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