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Dozens of Russian soldiers killed in Ukrainian strike in Makiivka

During its daily briefing, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed a Ukrainian Armed Forces rocket attack on a Russian military deployment point in Makiivka, in the annexed DNR region. According to the agency, the strike killed over 60 Russian soldiers.

“The Kyiv regime attacked a Russian Armed Forces unit at a temporary deployment point with a volley of six missiles from a HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system. Air defense systems shot down two HIMARS rockets. 63 service members were killed as a result of the destruction of the temporary deployment point by four rockets with high-explosive warheads,” the agency reported.

Ukrainian authorities have made no official comment on the strike.

In times of war it is impossible to immediately verify information disseminated even by official representatives of parties to the conflict.

A January 1 attack on a vocational Makiivka school, where Russian soldiers were stationed, reportedly killed dozens to hundreds of Russian service members. The Center for Strategic Communications of the Ukrainian Armed Forces claims that the strike killed 400 people and wounded another 300. Ukrainian media reports that draftees were among the dead.

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