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Starlink raises service prices in Ukraine

Source: Meduza

Starlink, the satellite Internet provider that has been crucial for keeping Ukraine connected in the wartime, is raising its monthly service prices in Ukraine.

Starlink is sending out notices to Ukrainian users, saying that, beginning on December 29, individual subscribers will have to pay $75, instead of $60, for monthly satellite Internet service.

Starlink’s message to Ukrainian subscribers

The price of a Starlink terminal and antenna is also going up, from $500 to $700.

Following the Russian invasion, Ukraine set up a Starlink satellite Internet network, to compensate for the attacks on its communications infrastructure. Starlink now plays a key role in the Ukrainian defense, since the Ukrainian military have come to rely on it in the absence of viable alternatives.

Earlier this fall, Musk asked the Pentagon to foot part of Ukraine’s Starlink bill, claiming that the company had already lost tens of billions of dollars on providing free services to Ukraine.

In late October, 1,300 Ukrainian Starlink terminals were disconnected, due to non-payment.

Elon Musk’s company still provides many of its services in Ukraine free of charge.

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