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Gas station explodes, catches fire outside of St. Petersburg

Source: Meduza

A large explosion, followed by a fire, occurred not far from the north-east limit of St. Petersburg. Witnesses have posted photos and videos to social media.

Witnesses reported a large fire to the north of St. Petersburg and confirm hearing an explosion.
Fontanka SPB online

Authorities in the Leningrad region say the explosion happened in a filling station in the Vsevolozhsky District, near the village of Berngardovka.

Video from a private home in Berngardovka, as close as possible to the site of the fire.
Mash na Moyke

Two teams are currently working to extinguish the fire. Alexander Drozdenko, governor of the Leningrad region, said there was no threat of the fire spreading to residential areas and that, according to preliminary data, no one has been injured.

According to emergency services, a loss of pressure in the pipeline caused the explosion and the fire.

Footage from the site of the fire in the Leningrad region
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