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Alexey Navalny transferred to ‘cell-type room’

Source: Alexey Navalny

Alexey Navalny, who is serving his sentence in a penal colony in the Vladimir region, has transferred to a cell-type room. The cell-type room is another form of solitary confinement. This news was reported by Navalny’s social media accounts.

A convict in a Russian colony sits in a “dormitory”, i.e., in a barracks. A convict the prison administration is very upset with sits in the punishment cell, where there is absolutely nothing and everything is forbidden, but you can only keep him there for 15 days at a time.

That is why there exist strict detention conditions for convicts: a barrack with all the doors locked, from which they do not let you out, and impose all sorts of restrictions.

And for the more hardened ones, there is the “cell-type room”. It is a regular cramped cell, like the punishment cell, except that you can have not one, but two books with you and use the prison kiosk, albeit with a very limited budget.

Navalny also included that his new conditions would prevent him from receiving family visits, something he has previously been denied a number of times.

Over the past almost three months, Alexey Navalny has been sent to a punishment cell seven times. The last time he was transferred to the penal cell was announced on November 1.

Human rights activist Pavel Chikov earlier suggested that Navalny was being prepared for his transfer to the cell-type room, where he could be held for up to a year.

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