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‘We definitely didn’t order it’ says Zelensky of the Crimean Bridge explosion

Source: CTV News

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky denies allegations that Ukrainian intelligence was behind the explosion on the Crimean Bridge.

“We definitely didn’t order it, as far as I know,” he told Canadian television channel CTV News.

The Ukrainian leader suggested that the explosion was the result of an internal power struggle between the Russian military and Russian intelligence agencies. “There are serious relations between their military and special services, their intelligence. There are many power verticals. It’s a big system. In the Soviet Union it was the KGB. Now it’s made up of a few branches which are constantly vying to be the main one,” he said.

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Russian authorities claim that the explosion which took place on October 8 on the Crimean Bridge over the Kerch Strait was organized by Ukrainian intelligence services. Sources told The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Ukrainian publications UNIAN and Ukrainian Pravda that Ukrainian special services were involved. 

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