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Russian conscripts not receiving promised financial benefits

Russian Presidential Human Rights Council member Kirill Kabanov reported Monday that his office regularly receives messages about conscripts around the country either not receiving the payments the government has promised or receiving them only after delays. In addition, he said, volunteer soldiers regularly complain of not being granted the debt payment holidays they were guaranteed before deploying.

“The financial issue really is a painful one. Every day, new ‘nuances’ come to light that violate the direct rights and interests of citizens. Often, this is the result of stupid mistakes, bungling, or shortcomings (failure to think things through, lack of preparedness) in the procedures. It’s clear that there might be technical difficulties, but people aren’t being told about them; nothing is being explained,” he wrote on Telegram.

Since the start of Russia's mobilization drive, the government has implemented various financial benefits for conscripted soldiers. One of the most widespread measures is a one-time payment, though the amount varies by region. Payments have ranged from 100,000 rubles ($1,617) to 300,000 rubles ($4,852).

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