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11 are shot at Belgorod training ground

Source: Meduza

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that “two citizens of another CIS country” committed “an act of terrorism” at a Belgorod military training ground, killing 11 and injuring another 15. The attackers were killed. According to the official report, cited by Interfax, the incident occurred during shooting lessons for volunteers who had decided to go to war.

The publication Sota, citing an audio recording by “presumably, the sister of someone wounded in the shooting,” writes that shooters opened fire at a training ground for recently mobilized soldiers.

The publication’s sources among relatives of conscripts say that the shooting occurred on the training grounds of the town of Soloti. According to their journalists, three soldiers opened fire. Two were subsequently killed on the spot, and a third managed to escape. 

Sota reported 22 dead and 16 injured, but noted that it could not confirm the authenticity of the recording it referenced.

The Telegram channel “Ostorozhno, Novosti” reported at the same time, citing a relative of a conscript, that two armed soldiers opened fire on the unit, killing 12.

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