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Train service restored on the Kerch Strait Bridge

Source: Meduza

The Russian Ministry of Transport says train traffic is now allowed on the bridge between Russia and Crimea, where a train caught fire around 6:00am on October 8. The ministry published a video of a test train with 15 cars successfully crossing the bridge. A dozen passenger trains are scheduled to cross the bridge overnight.

Video of a test train crossing the bridge between Russia and Crimea
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Around 6:00am on October 8, a truck exploded on the bridge between Crimea and Russia. Three sections of one of the bridge’s two passenger car lanes collapsed. Because of the explosion, a train carrying oil tanks caught fire as it passed on the railway part of the bridge, located above the part for cars. At 3:00pm Moscow time, Russia’s Investigative Committee reported three deaths – car passengers who were near the truck at the time of the explosion. The committee did not clarify the fate of the truck driver (judging by footage of the incident, he was killed). 

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