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Half of Russians feel anxiety and fear about draft orders, while a quarter feel ‘pride for Russia’

Source: Meduza

Almost half of Russians (47 percent) experienced anxiety or fear when they learned about the orders for “partial mobilization,” according to a poll conducted by the Russian polling organization the Levada Center at the end of September. 

Other popular emotions among citizens of the Russian Federation were “shock” and “pride for Russia” (23 percent each). 13 percent felt indignant, and 11 percent were depressed.

In the context of the draft, Russians also started following the war more closely – the share of people interested in events in Ukraine rose to 66 percent (in August it was 51 percent, and in March, 64 percent). 88 percent answered affirmatively to the question “are you worried about the course of events in Ukraine?” – up from 74 percent in August. 

Levels of interest in the war correlate directly with age – only 45 percent of Russians aged 18-24 follow it, compared to 78 percent of Russians aged 55 and older.

The level of support for Russian troops’ actions in this survey was the lowest it has been since the beginning of the war. 44 percent said they “definitely support” troops’ actions and 28 percent said they “somewhat support” them. In August those numbers were 46 percent and 30 percent, respectively, and in March – 52 percent and 28 percent.

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