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‘There will be five million draft dodgers running around the country.’ Navalny on mobilization.

Source: Mediazona

According to Mediazona, during a court hearing in Kovrov where his lawsuit against Penal Colony No. 6 in the Vladimir region is being heard, politician Alexey Navalny commented on reports that mobilization has been announced in Russia.

“I don’t understand one thing. The army has a million people, Rosgvardia has 350,000 people, the Interior Ministry has another million and a half or two million people, and the Federal Penitentiary Service is full of people. Why are they drafting civilians? There will be five million draft dodgers running back and forth across the country. And a million cops following them to mobilize somewhere,” said the politician.

Some workers from Kovrovka, 30-year-old men, they will be drafted to lie down somewhere near Kherson. It’s all terrible. I don’t think they’ll draft anyone from Moscow. If you draft 50 thousand people from Moscow, you’ll have 150 thousand relatives protesting in the streets the next day.

On September 21, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on “partial mobilization” in Russia. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, 300,000 reservists will be called up. Mobilization will affect those who have served, have a military specialty, or combat experience.

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