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'Let's leave talk of an indefinite leave for the future.' Ramzan Kadyrov explains what he said about being 'overextended' as head of Chechnya.

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who recently hinted at his resignation, said on Telegram that he does not intend to leave his post as head of the republic right now.

On that day I came across a publication which said that I had held my post for 15 years, that I was a "long-time resident" among regional heads. I thought that was a lot, so I decided to ask your opinion. Later I found out that I am not so "long-lived" - the previous record, as it turns out, is 27 years. So I'll say more: now I've decided to break the current record. Let's see if I beat that record.

Kadyrov added that he couldn't even go on short-term leave "at this crucial time, when our country is fighting world satanism in Donbas."

In fact, I don't have the right to just leave, of course. The people entrusted me with the leadership of the region. And to justify this trust is my sacred duty. I can only leave after asking the people and the president of Russia. So I'll leave talk of an indefinite leave for the future. Right now, I'm not even going to take my annual leave.

On September 3 Ramzan Kadyrov published a video message saying that he had "overstayed his welcome" as head of Chechnya, and deserved an "indefinite and long vacation." "I think my time has also come - before they kick me out," Kadyrov added.

Following this statement, a source close to the Russian presidential administration told Meduza that Kadyrov may be moving to the top post in the the National Guard.

Ramzan Kadyrov has been the head of Chechnya since 2007 - a record among current heads Russian regions. He has repeatedly talked about his possible resignation, noting that he would agree to any decision by the Russian leadership regarding his position.

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