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‘Anti-FBK law’ will apply to Russian elections at all levels, reports TASS 

Source: TASS

The bill the Russian media has dubbed the “Anti-FBK law” has been amended ahead of its second reading — if adopted, it will now ban anyone linked to an outlawed extremist or terrorist organization from running in elections at all levels, reports the Russian state news agency TASS.

While TASS reportedly obtained a copy of the amendments, at the time of writing the corresponding changes to the bill hadn’t been registered in the State Duma database. The version of the draft law adopted in the first reading only included restrictions on being elected to the State Duma. 

According to the new amendments, even persons who “expressed support for extremist or terrorist organizations, including on the Internet” will be deprived of the right to be elected in Russia. “Support” can take the form of statements, providing funds or property, or offering consultative, organizational and methodological, or other types of assistance.

The amendments were made by Pavel Krasheninnikov, the head of the State Duma Committee on State Building and Legislation, and Andrey Klishas, the head of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building. The State Duma has yet to set a date for voting on the bill in the second reading. 

Update. Later in the day on May 21, Russian Senator Andrey Klishas confirmed to RIA Novosti that the draft law envisions the ban on being elected encompassing elections at all levels. He also added that the bill would not have retroactive effect. According to Klishas, the law won’t apply to persons who helped outlawed organizations before they were declared extremist or persons who assisted them “in carrying out activities that don’t fall under the signs of extremism or terrorism.”

In mid-April, prosecutors in Moscow filed a lawsuit asking the city to add three organizations affiliated with jailed opposition politician Alexey Navalny to Russia’s list of illegal extremist groups: the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), the Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation, and his network of regional campaign offices. (The court hearing on the claim is scheduled for June 9).

On May 4, a group of Russian lawmakers submitted the draft law to the State Duma on banning people connected to outlawed “extremist organizations” from running for parliament in Russia. The bill was approved in its first reading on May 18.

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