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In a new interview, Putin’s alleged illegitimate daughter says ‘a lot of people’ look like the president

Source: GQ

In November 2020, the investigative news outlet Proekt reported that a woman named Svetlana Krivonogikh owns a minority share in Rossiya Bank, which she apparently owes to an intimate relationship with Vladimir Putin. Journalists also discovered that Krivonogikh’s daughter, Luiza Rozova, bears a striking resemblance to Russia’s president, leading to speculation that Rozova is Putin’s illegitimate child, though the Kremlin has dismissed these rumors as “tabloid” speculation. 

After publicly engaging one of the journalists last week who outed her supposed lineage, Rozova granted an interview to GQ Russia that appeared on February 24, and posed for several photos but hid her face. The only question GQ’s Vadim Smyslov asked Rozova about Russia’s president was if she thinks she looks like him. Her response? “There are a lot of people who look like Mr. Putin.” Rozova also complained about “embittered people” trolling her online after Proekt’s report, but she insists that she’s adapted to the pressure and no longer cares.

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