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Russian lawmakers grant former presidents the right to become senators for life anytime after leaving office

Source: Interfax

The Russian State Duma has adopted an amendment granting former presidents the right to decide to become senators for life at any point after leaving office, Interfax reported on Tuesday, December 8.

The corresponding amendment was added to the bill on the procedure for forming the Federation Council during its second reading. 

The original version of the draft law stipulated that former Russian presidents had to decide on taking up life-long senatorship within three months of the end of their term in office or three months after the law’s entry into force. 

The bill on the formation of the Federation Council also stipulates that the upper house of parliament can contain no more than seven life-long senators. In addition, to become a senator, one must be a citizen of the Russian Federation who is at least 30 years old, has an “impeccable reputation,” resides permanently in Russia, and does not possess foreign citizenship or a residency permit in a foreign country. 

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