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Researchers behind Russia’s coronavirus vaccine say ‘Sputnik V’ is 92 percent effective

Source: Sputnik V

Russia’s “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine is showing 92 percent effectiveness, according to the results of the first interim analysis during the Phase III clinical trials. This was reported on the vaccine’s official Twitter account.

As stated in the tweet, the vaccine’s effectiveness was calculated on the basis of analyzing 20 confirmed COVID-19 cases split between clinical trial volunteers who were vaccinated and those who received the placebo. 

The scientists behind the vaccine also added that monitoring 10,000 vaccinated individuals who received the shot outside of clinical trials has confirmed its efficacy at a rate of more than 90 percent. 

The scientists who created Sputnik V claimed to be the first in the world to develop and register a vaccine against the coronavirus. In September, the vaccine’s developers published the results of their initial trials in the scientific journal The Lancet. After the publication, a group of international scientists pointed out statistical anomalies found in the article and questioned the data’s authenticity. The Russian researchers refuted their doubts.

In early November, the companies Pfizer and BioNTech announced that the BNT162b2 coronavirus vaccine that they are developing showed 90 percent effectiveness during Phase III clinical trials.

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