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Cop in Novosibirsk confesses to killing his ex-girlfriend, a trans woman


A police officer in Novosibirsk has confessed to murdering a local 24-year-old transgender woman. According to the news outlet, the two previously dated and the officer killed her “out of jealousy.” Following the suspect’s confession, the city’s police department promptly terminated his employment with prejudice.

A source told that the officer in question, a 20-year-old man named “Denis K.,” was the first to report Viktoria Basakovskaya as a missing person. He also helped lead the search, which included flyers that identified her as “Nikolai Basakovsky” because Basakovskaya had yet to change her name and gender on her official passport. In the end, after other officers realized what he’d done, Denis K. confessed to the murder and also revealed the location of Basakovskaya’s body, which showed signs of strangulation. 

In June 2019, Basakovskaya was involved in a public scandal with a local gym after the business refused to admit her to an MMA class.