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Anti-Corruption Foundation releases investigative report Navalny was building before he was poisoned

Source: Meduza

The Anti-Corruption Foundation has published part of the investigation Alexey Navalny was compiling before he was poisoned on August 20. The 40-minute documentary film, titled “Who Captured Siberia’s Capital and How to Liberate It,” focuses on City Duma deputies and City Hall officials in Novosibirsk who are also the beneficiaries of major construction companies and municipal services enterprises. The report draws attention to the public officials’ expensive watches and cars, as well as real estate they allegedly own abroad.

According to the Anti-Corruption Foundation, this video is just the first installment of investigative work Navalny and his colleagues conducted on a recent trip to Siberia that ended in tragedy, when Navalny became violently ill aboard the return flight to Moscow. After his plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Omsk, Navalny fell into a coma and has yet to regain consciousness. He is currently hospitalized in Berlin and breathing through a ventilator. His German doctors say they’ve found evidence that he was poisoned, though the Russian physicians who treated him initially ruled this out.

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