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Norway expels Russian diplomat in connection with spy allegations

Source: NRK

Norway’s Foreign Ministry has announced the expulsion of a Russian diplomat working in the embassy’s trade department, reports the government broadcaster NRK, citing a ministry spokesperson. The ministry didn’t specify the name of the Russian diplomat in question.

According to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, the decision to expel the Russian Embassy employee came after he committed actions “incompatible with diplomatic status.” The diplomat has been declared persona non grata and was notified of his expulsion on August 18. He now has 72 hours to leave the country and is thereafter banned from returning to Norway.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has yet to comment on the expulsion.

According to NRK, the diplomat is being expelled from Norway in connection with a Russian espionage case. Fifty-year-old Harsharn Singh Tathgar — a Norwegian citizen originally from India — was arrested in connection with the case on August 15. During interrogation, Tathgar said that he was paid to pass information to a Russian diplomat.

The Norwegian Police Security Service said that Tathgar met with an alleged Russian intelligence officer and passed him “information that could harm national interests.”

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