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Perm court sentences activists accused of dressing a Putin mannequin in a prisoner’s uniform

The Leninsky District Court in Perm has handed out sentences to the three defendants in a hooliganism case launched over a protest action involving a Putin mannequin dressed up in a prisoner’s uniform, reports the Telegram channel “Apologia Protesta.”

The court sentenced Alexander Shabarchin — an activist from opposition politician Alexey Navalny’s headquarters in Perm, — to two years in prison. Activist Danil Vasilyev received one year of probation. Both were found guilty of “hooliganism by previous concert.”

The final defendant in the case, libertarian Alexander Etkin (known by the pseudonym “Kotov”), was acquitted due to lack of evidence. 

The lawyers for the defense said that they are prepared to appeal the decision up to the level of the European Court of Human Rights.

In November 2018, a mannequin with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s face on it was tied to a pole in downtown Perm. The mannequin was dressed in a prison jumpsuit and had signs taped to it that read “Liar” and “War criminal Pynya V.V.” (the word “pynya” references a Russian meme that’s become associated with Putin).

That December, posters with Putin’s image and New Year’s “greetings” were hung around the city. The posters said that a later retirement age and increased taxes were awaiting Russian citizens in the New Year. The authorities opened a criminal case in response to the two actions in January 2019.

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