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State investigators launch preliminary inquiry into ex-governor’s potential involvement in two more organized killings

Source: TASS

Russia’s Investigative Committee is carrying out a preliminary inquiry into the potential involvement of former Khabarovsk Territory governor Sergey Furgal in two more instances of murder and attempted murder in 2003–2004, a source in law enforcement told TASS. 

“A preliminary inquiry is being carried out in connection with Furgal and four other suspects for involvement in crimes committed under the articles of the [Criminal Code] on ‘Murder’ and ‘Attempted Murder’,” the TASS sources said

According to the source, the crimes took place in a town in the Khabarovsk Territory, and the case materials refer to entrepreneurs involved in the scrap metal business.

Another source told TASS that prosecutors established Furgal’s involvement in these crimes in 2004, but the criminal case against him was closed.

On July 9, federal agents arrested then-governor Sergey Furgal and promptly flew him to Moscow where he was arraigned on charges that he organized violence (including several contract killings) against business rivals in 2004 and 2005. On July 10, a Moscow court placed Governor Furgal in pretrial detention until at least September 9. On July 20, President Vladimir Putin officially dismissed Furgal and appointed a new acting governor for the Khabarovsk Territory. Khabarovsk has seen sustained demonstrations in support of Furgal since July 11. The former governor denies the accusations against him.

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