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Defendants appeal sentences in controversial ‘Seventh Studio’ case

Source: RIA Novosti

Lawyers for the well-known film and theater director Kirill Serebrennikov and the other individuals convicted in the controversial “Seventh Studio” embezzlement case have filed an appeal against the verdict handed down by Moscow’s Meshchansky District Court, RIA Novosti reports.

Update: RIA Novosti later reported that the appeal was filed on behalf of the “Seventh Studio” case defendants Yuri Itin and Alexey Malobrodsky. Kirill Serebrennikov’s lawyer told Meduza that the director will not be filing an appeal. “Kirill is very tired of the courts and is depressed following the unjust decision to convict him. After the court proceedings, it became clear that none of the participants in the trial is guilty and there was no damage to the state,” the lawyer said.

On June 26, the Moscow court sentenced Serebrennikov to three years probation and an 800,000 ruble fine ($11,500) for his alleged involvement in embezzling nearly 129 million rubles (about $1.9 million) allocated to the Russian Culture Ministry’s “Platforma” project. Two other defendants in the case, the studio’s former CEO, Yuri Itin, and former “Seventh Studio” general producer Alexey Malobrodsky, were sentenced to probation and fines, as well. 

The court also ordered the defendants to pay the Culture Ministry 129 million rubles in damages. Serebrennikov has already stated that he is unable to pay the fines.

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