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Two Dagestani newspapers release identical front pages in support of jailed journalist


On June 12, the Dagestani newspapers “Chernovnik” and “Novoe Delo” published identical front pages in support of jailed journalist Abdulmumin Gadzhiyev. The front pages have the headline “I/We Abdulmumin Gadzhiyev” (in Russian, «Я/Мы Абдулмумин Гаджиев»).

The front page of “Chernovik” on June 12

Chernovnik’s editorial office also published a statement demanding his release. Gadzhiyev, who is a Chernovnik editor himself, was arrested in June 2019 and stands accused of financing terrorism and involvement in a terrorist organization. His colleagues and relatives consider these trumped-up charges. 

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has described the charges against Gadzhiyev as “baseless” and called for his release.

The joint-action was also meant to support Abubakar Rizvanov (a former employee of the charitable foundation “Ansar”) and entrepreneur Kemal Tambiev, both of whom were arrested in the same case.

Three Dagestani newspapers also published identical front pages in support of Abdulmumin Gadzhiyev in June 2019.

The “I/WE” slogan was developed in June 2019, when Russia’s three largest business newspapers released identical front pages with the headline “I/We = Golunov,” in support of arrested Meduza investigative journalist Ivan Golunov. That summer, the slogan became the mantra of the protest movement opposing his unjust persecution. 

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