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At least 1,000 people protest police actions in Russia’s North Caucasus

Residents of the town of Manas, located in the Dagestan republic in Russia’s North Caucasus, came out in protests on June 9, after local police arrested several people for violating the self-isolation regime, Caucasian Knot reports. 

The demonstrators were upset because police hit an elderly man, who was among those taken into custody. 

According to Caucasian Knot, at least 1,000 people gathered in protest on Russia’s route R217, also known as the Caucasus Highway.

The rally lasted for several hours, but protesters dispersed of their own accord by evening, the head of Manas, Abdulvagab Vagabov, told Caucasian Knot. “The situation is normal now,” he said.

According to Vagabov, the police apologized for their inappropriate behavior and released the detainees after issuing them fines.