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Top Russian business newspaper gets new owner but will retain controversial chief editor

Source: Meduza

The new owner of the top Russian business newspaper “Vedomosti,” Ivan Yeremin, says that he has no plans to dismiss the publication’s controversial acting editor-in-chief, Andrey Shmarov. Yeremin made this announcement during a meeting with the newspaper’s editors, a source at Vedomosti told Meduza.

“I respect Andrey Igorevich [Shmarov] and believe that he can make world-class business publications,” Yeremin said. “I will not fire him only on the basis that you couldn’t accept him as one of your own.”

Ivan Yeremin, the founder of the media holding “FederalPress,” became Vedomosti’s sole new owner on May 29. 

Andrey Shmarov was appointed acting editor-in-chief of Vedomosti in mid-March. Around the same time, reports emerged that Vedomosti’s then-owners were planning to sell the publication to Konstantin Zyatkov (one of the leaders of the publishing house “Nasha Versiya”) and Alexey Golubovich (the managing director of the investment firm “Arbat Capital”). Zyatkov and Golubovich later backed out of the deal.

Senior staff at Vedomosti have been in continuous conflict with Shmarov, and even published an editorial condemning his appointment and accusing him of censorship.

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