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Editor-in-chief of independent Russian outlet ‘Proekt’ complains to prosecutors that he's being followed

Source: Mediazona

Roman Badanin, the editor-in-chief of the independent media project Proekt (Project), has submitted an official complaint to government investigators, prosecutors, and police, alleging that he is being illegally tailed by state security personnel.

Badanin told the legal news outlet Mediazona that on April 7, he was driving from Noginsk to Moscow when he noticed another vehicle following him for over 60 miles, all the way to his home.

“The driver of the car repeated the exact same movements that I made: stopped by a gas station, turned into driveways, parked, all while trying not to attract attention. The windows in the car were completely tinted, so it making out who was in it was impossible,” Badanin said.

In his complaint, the editor argued that any security officials following him would be conducting an illegal investigative act, which could warrant prosecution under Russia’s criminal statute against abuse of authority. Badanin said he suspected that he was being tracked because of his work and added that Proekt is currently reporting on a sensitive topic, but he did not specify what subject matter he believes caused him to become a target. 

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