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Russia's nationwide vote on Constitutional reforms now has a slogan and logo

Source: RBC

Russia’s Central Election Commission has preliminarily settled on a slogan and logo for the nationwide vote on April 22, when Russians will be asked to endorse sweeping reforms to the country’s Constitution: “Our country, our Constitution, our decision!” The logo shows the Constitution’s cover page printed on the back of the Russian tricolor.

The design firm responsible for this feat is the PR agency “IMA-Consulting,” which also provided visuals for Russia’s presidential election two years ago. The logo “represents the imminent positive changes awaiting Russia’s citizens through amendments to the Constitution,” IMA-Consulting said when presenting its work.

In mid-January in a major speech, Vladimir Putin proposed drastic changes to Russia’s Constitution that could allow him to remain in power for years to come. A special working group then drafted a series of reforms and, wasting no time, the State Duma approved a first reading of the amendments on January 23. Lawmakers are expected to vote on a second draft as soon as March 10. In addition to significantly restructuring executive powers, the amendments will also define marriage as a union between a man and a woman (banning gay marriage) and mention God somehow.

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