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Mikhail Mishustin formally appointed Russia’s prime minister as Medvedev takes on Security Council role

Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially signed an order appointing Mikhail Mishustin to be Russia’s new prime minister, the Kremlin’s press service reported.

Putin also signed an order creating the post of deputy chair in Russia’s Security Council and appointing his previous prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, to fill it.

Both orders took effect immediately.

Mishustin’s nomination for the premier’s post was submitted on January 15 and approved by a vote of the State Duma on January 16. Russian law allots new prime ministers one week to form a cabinet, and Mishustin said he would announce his new government within the coming days.

On January 15, following Vladimir Putin’s announcement of a series of planned constitutional reforms, Dmitry Medvedev submitted a resignation request on behalf of his government.

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