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Russian agency adds student protester and YouTuber Egor Zhukov to blacklist of extremists and terrorists

Source: Mediazona

Egor Zhukov, a video blogger and a student at the Higher School of Economics, has been added to a list of extremists and terrorists maintained by Russia’s finance monitoring agency, Rosfinmonitoring. Zhukov was charged with mass rioting in the so-called “Moscow case” after he participated in election protests this summer. Those accusations were later dropped and replaced with charges of calling for extremism. The current case against Zhukov is based on his YouTube videos.

According to the legal news portal Mediazona, a website that tracks updates to the Rosfinmonitoring extremist registry found that Zhukov’s name was added on September 12. The agency regularly adds those charged in extremism cases to the blacklist. Zhukov will now be unable to access his own bank accounts, among other consequences.

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