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In a series of felony cases against protesters, this is what Moscow investigators are calling ‘mass riots’

Source: Meduza
Valery Sharifulin / TASS / Scanpix / LETA

In the wake of Moscow’s July 27 unpermitted protest (not to be confused with more recent unauthorized demonstrations on August 2), Moscow’s Investigative Committee launched a criminal inquiry into alleged mass rioting. The new investigation is based on a handful of criminal cases against protesters who supposedly used violence against the police officers and National Guard troops ordered to disperse the crowds. Meduza reviewed the charges and evidence in these cases, and summarizes the inquires below. This information was obtained from Grigory Chervonnyi, who works with the “Agora” human rights group.

Pepper spray

When and where: 1–2 p.m., 17 Tverskaya St.

The victims: Branch Commander Junior Sergeant Evgeny Melkozerov, and Gunner-   Radiotelephonist Private K.V. Dementiev.

Description: “I saw an unfamiliar man in the crowd raise his hand. His face was covered by a gray mask, and he wore a black hood over his head. I remember he was wearing a black hoodie, and there were white gloves on his hands that looked like construction gloves. [...] From the canister in this man’s hand, he sprayed me with an unknown substance (which I later realized was ‘pepper spray’) directly in the face, and in the face of Private Dementiev, who was standing beside me… He sprayed no one else, as far as I understand.”

Suspect: Not yet identified officially.

The rock

When and where: 1–3 p.m., Leontyevsky Lane

The victims: Platoon Commander Lieutenant Vladimir Perilo

Description: “I suddenly received a blow to the right side of my face. A rock struck my ‘Kolpak-1S’ protective helmet’s plastic face shield, causing me severe physical pain in the chin area, and I later began experience sharp headaches. [...] Subsequently, I didn’t seek medical assistance, deeming it unnecessary.”

Suspect: Not yet identified officially

Footage of the incident, cited in case evidence
News Blog

A blow to the head

When and where: 2:30 p.m., between 9 Tverskaya St. and Bryusov Lane

The victims: Machine-Gunner Private A.A. Madreimov

Description: “[An unidentified man] deliberately used his left hand to deliver a blow to A.A. Madreimov’s head, causing him physical pain and emotional distress.”

Suspect: Kirill Zhukov, jailed since August 2

Video of Kirill Zhurkov, arrested in ‘mass rioting’ case, that was shown on network television

The trash can

When and where: 5:55 p.m., 5 Teatralnyi Dr.

The victims: Moscow Riot Police Officer Maxim Saliyev

Description: “I saw an unfamiliar man participating in the unauthorized protest pick up a trash can, and throw it at me. The trash can hit me in the back, causing me physical pain and emotional distress. [...] After Mr. Kovalenko’s apprehension, I had the opportunity to speak to him. I asked Mr. Kovalenko why he threw a trash can at me, and he answered that he threw the trash can at me to stop me from arresting a participant in the unauthorized protest.”

Suspect: Evgeny Kovalenko, jailed since August 2

Video footage shows that Officer Saliyev was not looking in the direction of the man who threw the trash can into his back.
Footage of the trash can being thrown at the National Guardsman

The bottle

When and where: not stated

The victims: Police officer Linnik

Description: “[The suspect] used non-health-threatening physical violence against an unidentified law-enforcement officer while he was in the line of duty, throwing a bottle in the direction of the officer’s head.”

Suspect: Samariddin Radzhabov, jailed since August 2

Moscow’s incidents mapped

Map Data Image ©2019 Maxar Technologies

Text by Mikhail Zelensky

Translation by Kevin Rothrock

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