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Putin rejects unanimous State Duma recommendation for sanctions against Georgia

Источник: Interfax

Russia’s State Duma unanimously called on the country’s federal executive branch to introduce sanctions against Georgia “in connection with anti-Russian provocations” there. The recommendation chastised “radical forces in that country” for spurring the “further degradation of Russian-Georgian relations.” The Duma’s vote followed a wave of anti-Russian demonstrations and an anti-Putin, profanity-laden tirade broadcast live on air by a Georgian television host.

A few hours later, Vladimir Putin rejected the proposal, the wire service Interfax reported. Putin said he hoped not to “undertake anything that would complicate” Russian-Georgian relations further and explained that he would avoid sanctions “out of respect to the Georgian people.” Putin also said he did not support the State Duma’s plan to instigate criminal charges against the journalist who insulted him.