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Russia's ruling party to propose ban on Georgian wine imports in response to growing tensions

Источник: TASS

Sergey Neverov, the leader of Russia’s ruling United Russia party and the vice speaker of the State Duma, told TASS that he will introduce a ban on Georgian wine and water imports to Russia for the Duma’s consideration. His announcement followed mass anti-Russian demonstrations that broke out in Tbilisi in late June.

“We see that, as always, Russophobic views are present in Georgia, and they present a danger to Russian citizens. […] The unfriendly actions that are being taken today in relation to [Russians] should be evaluated properly,” Neverov said. He added that his bill, which limits monetary transfers from Russia to Georgia in addition to banning beverage imports, will be discussed by the body that sets the Duma’s agenda on July 8.

Tatiana Moskalkova, the Russian government’s leading human rights official, has asked for certain monetary transfers to Georgia to be preserved for the sake of supporting retirees and families with large numbers of children. Other parts of Neverov’s proposal have earned support from government agencies, however: a Russian regulatory agency published findings that showed a long-term drop in the quality of Georgian wine shortly after the Tbilisi riots began.