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Last suspect in Russian treason case gets six years in prison, concluding FSB's worst scandal in recent memory

Source: Meduza

Russia’s Moscow District Military Court has convicted former Federal Security Service (FSB) agent Dmitry Dokuchaev of treason and sentenced him to six years in prison, also stripping him of his rank as major. After agreeing to a plea bargain and testifying against his former boss, Dokuchaev received a lighter sentence than the other suspects in the case: former FSB officer Sergey Mikhailov got 22 years in prison, former Kaspersky Lab expert Ruslan Stoyanov was sentenced to 14 years, and entrepreneur Georgy Fomchenkov (who also reportedly cooperated with prosecutors) got seven years behind bars.

The details of the case were classified, but sources told the newspaper Kommersant that the suspects were charged with selling confidential case files to the FBI from a felony investigation in 2013 against Pavel Vrublevsky, the former head of the payment services company Chronopay.

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