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Russian federal agents arrest former geological company executive who was fired for inappropriate behavior on ‘Twitch’

Source: REN TV

Ruslan Gorring, the former deputy director of the Russian state-owned geological holding Rosgeo, was detained by federal agents at a Moscow airport on March 8, according to the television network REN TV. Gorring apparently planned to fly to Sochi, buying tickets on three different flights, in an apparent effort to evade the authorities. When he finally tried to board the third plane, FSB agents were waiting for him.

Sources told REN TV that Gorring was detained for brokering a bribe, though the Telegram channel Baza claims the charges are actually large-scale fraud. Gorring’s father, a former state attorney in Krasnodar, previously told the website Fontanka that his son had been named as the sole witness in a bribery investigation.

Earlier this year, Gorring lost his job after the public learned of footage he shared on the streaming platform Twitch, where he engaged in a range of inappropriate behavior and disclosed that his supervisor was meeting with billionaire Leonid Mikhelson.

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