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Russian executive who bragged about sex with subordinates to remain at work for two more weeks

Source: Meduza

Ruslan Gorring, the deputy director of the Russian state-owned geological holding Rosgeo, lost his contract with the company after engaging in a range of inappropriate behavior on the live streaming platform Twitch. However, RIA Novosti wrote one day later that a federal registry continued to list Gorring as the general director of Krasnodarneftegeofizika, a subsidiary of Rosgeo, even after his reported firing from all Rosgeo companies. In the Twitch footage released Tuesday, Gorring bragged about having sex with women who reported to him at the holding. He also repeatedly threatened physical violence against other players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The status of Gorring’s employment has already been the subject of confusion. On January 29, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Dmitry Kobylkin announced that he had fired the Rosgeo executive and reprimanded his supervisor, Roman Panov, who directs the holding. However, Rosgeo later told reporters that Kobylkin lacks the authority to reprimand or fire its staff, reporting that Panov himself had terminated Gorring’s contract. Gorring himself claimed he had resigned.

No matter which of the three parties is closest to the truth, the fact of Gorring’s unemployment remains unclear. Russia’s Federal News Agency reported today that Gorring will not be released fully from his duties at Rosgeo-owned companies for two more weeks. Rosgeo spokesman Anton Sergeyev told the agency that the delay was due to corporate procedures regulated by federal law. Sergeyev did not speak explicitly to Gorring’s position at Krasnodarneftegeofizika, but his announcement presumably applies to that role as well.

These developments have taken place amid escalating reports of Gorring’s involvement in potentially corrupt business dealings in the Central African Republic that his family has derided as a smear campaign. Rosgeo has responded to the news surrounding Gorring by claiming it found “no labor violations” in his conduct online and no evidence of sexual misconduct.

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