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House arrest doesn't stop Kirill Serebrennikov from finishing editing on new Viktor Tsoi biopic

Source: Meduza

Director Kirill Serebrennikov, who’s currently under house arrest, has finished editing a new film about Soviet rock legend Viktor Tsoi. The film’s production is expected to wrap up by the spring, and tickets for the premiere at the Berlin Film Festival are going on sale in just a few weeks.

Filming for the movie, “Summer,” got underway in July 2017, weeks before police arrested Serebrennikov in the case against “Seventh Studio,” whose managers (including Serebrennikov) are charged with embezzling government funding. Serebrennikov denies the charges and pleaded unsuccessfully with a judge to be released on bail, so he could finish “Summer,” as well as a ballet under production at the Bolshoi Theater. “Summer” is expected to hit theaters in the latter half of 2018.