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Russia's Investigative Committee isn't happy about a doctors' flashmob condemning a malpractice verdict

Source: Meduza

A day after Moscow’s mayor criticized the verdict against a hematologist sentenced to two years in prison for supposedly killing a patient by accident, Russia’s Investigative Committee is firing back.

In a special statement on Tuesday, federal investigators say the doctors now publicly condemning Dr. Elena Misyurina’s verdict are questioning their own colleagues’ medical judgment, insofar as law enforcement relies on the expertise of doctors when prosecuting physicians for malpractice. The agency says it only opens investigations in roughly a third of all the cases it examines.

A court recently found Elena Misyurina guilty of killing a patient in 2013, when she took bone marrow and bone tissue samples and the individual died four days later. Misyurina insists that she isn’t responsible, saying she performed the procedure correctly.

On social media, fellow doctors have protested Misyurina’s sentence, writing posts with the hashtag “#iAmElenaMisyurina.”

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